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Past Client
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"Julie's program got me on a track to making healthy lifestyle changes. I became aware why so many things I was trying in the past did not work. I now have the tools and knowledge to keep making positive changes in my lifestyle that overall effect my stress, confidence and happiness."
Past Client
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"I have felt extremely excited, optimistic, and empowered after each session and wish there were more to look forward to. I would highly HIGHLY recommend these sessions to everyone I know."
Past Client
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"Such a novel concept to allow ourselves time and priority and to care for ourselves and emotions as human beings. We learn through school and life to work harder and faster and to continuously be productive, but we experience burn-out and loss of self-worth and lose enjoyment in life. It has been an overwhelmingly freeing experience to learn that we can allow ourselves permission to balance workload and prioritize ourselves each day."
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Join like-minded business owners.

This Biz Mastermind is for YOU IF You are . . .

Feeling alone in your business and not knowing where to turn

Feeling stuck and lacking momentum

Struggling with the confidence to grow your business in our changing world

Concerned about reaching your money goals

Feeling tired and overwhelmed by life right now

Feeling like you lack direction and focus

Are spinning your wheels

This Mastermind Group is for you if you want:

A safe container to share with like minded entrepreneurs

To create accelerated growth in your business

The tools to create balance with work and life

Financial success and happiness

To make more money than you thought was possible

To have momentum and flow

To create a healthy lifestyle as an entrepreneur 

If this sounds like something you are interested in then please keep

reading because I have created this exclusive space for you to expand,

align and become unstoppable.


This mastermind experience is designed to leave you with . . .

Connection to like minded business owners

The right support so you never feel alone

The confidence and healthy mindset to make you unstoppable

A sense of peace and fulfilment

Tool to live your life effortlessly

Elevated and clear mindset

A safe place to discuss and resolve obstacles that have been holding you back

Julie Cass - The Positive Change Group

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