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Emotional Healing with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful emotional healing tool that is used to invoke a deeper state of relaxation which allows access to our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind is all knowing, all wise, all healing part of us that is our powerhouse.  When connecting into the subconscious mind we can feel back into our nature which creates a perfect harmony within. 
Through feeling in hypnosis, we allow healing to begin.
Think of hypnosis as a backstage all access pass at a concert where you can meet the star. You are the star, your true self is powerful, courageous, peaceful, loving, and capable of your goals.
Hypnosis treatments are deeply relaxing, and you are in control the whole time. Your therapist will guide you on a personal journey of healing and harmony.

“I feel so amazing, like I have a new skip in my step. I don’t ever remember feeling this way before. It feels so awesome.”

Hypnosis can help:

Anxiety & Stress


Lack of Motivation

Limiting Beliefs

Burnout & Overwhelm

Weight Loss

Reaching Goals

Fear & Phobias


Julie combines her years of coaching experience backed by hypnosis to offer you profound sessions of transformation.
"You are worthy to live your heart-felt desired life".
Julie; Licensed Hypnotist
Really start living the life that you want!

Julie combines her years of coaching experience backed by hypnosis to offer you profound sessions of transformation.

Julie’s passion and mission is to help each client get back to their natural states which is harmony, confidence, love and peace. She creates a safe environment for each client to experience a beautiful natural transformation and understand how powerful they really are.

Julie knows firsthand how powerful it is to connect with our subconscious mind and allow emotional healing to take place and live a life that is intended for more joy.

Using EFT (emotional freedom technique), Julie sees powerful results for her clients.

Listen to this quick video

where Julie explains

the power of hypnosis.

We plant the seeds and watch your garden bloom again.

In-Person or Virtual Sessions

Session information:

60 minutes per session
Adult package – 5 sessions
Kids/Teen package – 3 sessions
If you don’t see your specific condition, contact me to see if I can help

Client Testimonials

"Trust your unconscious; it knows more than you do."
- Milton H Erickson

Bookings and Payments

Payments can be made by debit, credit card or cash paid in advance. If you would like to make a booking you can use the below form.


Cancellations must be made 24 hours before your appointment to avoid charges. Full terms and conditions of bookings are outlined in your agreement.

Opening the mind

Healing comes from the heart - The vibration of love is healing.

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