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Julie Cass Named 1 of 8 Women Shaking It Up In Health & Wellness in 2021 by Yahoo Finance!

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What do you want?

This is such a hard question for people to answer.  It can create anxiety just thinking about how to articulate this or to give oneself permission to really state what it is that they want.

Imagine if….

You could get so crystal clear on what it is you want and then be able to see a path and the steps needed to get there.

What would that be like?  What would it feel like to live the life of your dreams and deepest desires?

Happy, Joy, Peace and Freedom might be just a few words you would use to describe that life.

At The Positive Change Group, we believe that Everything is Possible, and That There is always a Way.

We hold that highest vision for you and want to guide you to uncover and discover your dream life and how to start living it now!

Julie Cass

Me First


Create the Shifts You Desire by Adopting a ‘Me First’ Attitude!

After two decades in the wellness industry and thousands of hours of biz and life coaching, Julie Cass shares her insights in this game-changing book!

From personal journeys to simple tested strategies Julie will take you on a journey that reveals: 

  • loving and healing the inner critic
  • cultivating deeper relationships
  • shifting negative patterns and limiting beliefs
  • setting clear intensions and becoming a conscious creator
  • a simple creation cycle process
  • tools to embody harmony, peace and abundance
  • how to unconditionally love yourself deeper
  • how to make your biggest impact in life

Referencing Julie’s personal journey and the transformation shifts she has seen in her clients over the years, this book reveals simple strategies to help you shift out of fear and into full alignment. Me First means we take full responsibility for our lives, for our misery and our happiness. It will allow you to take your power back and be in the driver seat of your life. 

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Featured Program


Replace traditional goal setting with techniques that actually work!

Love, Career, Health, Money; What’s Your Biggest Vision for 2023?

  • 90 minute live online workshop with Julie Cass.
  • Workbook exercises to clear creative blocks.
  • Vision template forms
  • Downloadable meditation “Unlocking Your Creative Powers”.



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