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Julie Speaking

Dynamic and engaging speaker Julie Cass has the ability to connect with the crowd and inspire positive change.

“Julie’s heartfelt passion for helping people achieve their dreams comes through loud and clear.  I have experienced firsthand how working with her strategies equals guaranteed success in all areas of life.”

– Dawn R

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Julie has captivated thousands through her speaking engagements. She has spoken for top organizations at AGM’s and has been a long standing expert speaker at Canada’s leading Spa and Wellness Shows. She has also been seen several times live on national news talking about current events such as health and wellness during the pandemic.


Julie spoke at our management conference. Her talk resonated with our teams and her engaging and positive manner was infectious.

Cherry C

Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for such a great presentation to DWIB. You are receiving rave reviews! You were fantastic and inspiring!

Tish H

Ontario, Canada

“We really appreciate the practical tips you provided and it was exactly on the mark of what we were looking for and the kind of take-aways that provided great value.”

Jody J

Ontario, Canada

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Leap from Stress to Confidence and Growth

In a world where there is so much uncertainty, we have seen an unprecedented rise in stress and anxiety leading to a mental health crisis. This has had negative ripples across families, communities, and organizations.

Through every crisis there is an opportunity for growth and change. In this dynamic talk, Julie outlines 3 key principals to help individuals harness their inner power, take control of their lives, and increase their confidence.


How to Create your Biggest Impact

We all want to leave a legacy and create impact, but most of us are misguided in how to do this. We believe that when we achieve a certain level of success, we will create impact.

The truth is you can have your biggest impact right now, you don’t have to wait. They key is understanding that everything is energy and when you raise your own vibration, you raise the vibration of others around you. 

In this talk Julie will outline 3 key tactics that once adopted will allow you to live your most empowered life and enjoy it!


“The tools and strategies I’ve learned have been life changing.”

-Lorrie T.

“Thank you for who you are and what you give. Your guidance and support inspire me to be Greater.”

-Aina R. 


Taking inspired action into your life is exactly what will drive you and your team to greater heights!

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