Calm in Uncertain Times

Calm in Uncertain Times

The most important things you can do for yourself, your family and your community in uncertain times….

Stay Grounded

Now more than ever it is essential to up your ante on self-care and keeping a well-balanced mind. A daily meditation practice to find inner peace and balance could never be more appropriate than right now.  Getting outdoors is another great way to feel connected and grounded to our higher intelligence.

Stay Well

Exercise, healthy eating, immune-boosting supplements, are all great things to keep your energy up and body healthy.

Immerse in Gratitude

We have so many things to be grateful for every day. Gratitude changes attitude.  Now more than ever immerse yourself in a gratitude practice and you will shift your energy and your vibration

Pay close attention to your thoughts

How are you contributing to the collective consciousness? Are you in fear or in love?  When your thoughts go to fear become aware of them and upgrade them to love and peace.  You can do this.  Train your brain to be in a positive state by upgrading your thoughts and shifting energy within and around you.

Be in this moment (The Present)

Fear comes from worrying about the unknown. If you can keep bringing your awareness back to the present your fear will dissipate.  Again this takes training and practice but it is worth it.  Let’s practice being in this moment and enjoy all the beautiful gifts around us.

Wishing you peace and health,




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