Finding Joy This Time of Year – Embracing the Shorter Days and Winter Months

Finding Joy This Time of Year – Embracing the Shorter Days and Winter Months

Many of us approach this time of year with a bit of dread. The days are darker, we are seeing less sun, and our energy tends to drop and of course the dreaded cold is coming.

What if we could look at it all differently and embrace this time of year?

Rather than wishing for spring, here are some tips to embrace the time of year and find your joy in this moment.

Mental upgrade: “I GET to enjoy the change of season” – there are many gifts that come with the change of season. What is your list of things you ‘GET’ to do? Here are a few of my favorites.
    1. Enjoy more warm cups of tea.
    2. Indulge in peppermint mochas from time to time.
    3. Light a fire
    4. Watch more movies and cuddle with my favorite people and blanket.
    5. Wear some of my favorite vests, cozy sweaters, hats, scarfs.
    6. Go for walks with no bugs.
    7. Favorite time of year for hikes in the woods.
    8. Have friends over for home cooked meals – lots of soups, and stews.
    9. Make more cozy meals.
Give yourself permission to relax and reflect.
    1. This is a great time of year to reflect inward. I always recommend doing more journaling this time of year. Setting intentions for what you are creating next in your life. Also doing some gratitude journaling to anchor you in the present moment and feel the joy of the NOW.
    2. Relax – this is a great time of year to recharge, just like bears go into hibernation we need to do a little of the same. Maybe go to bed earlier, spend more time meditating, have more quiet time to conserve and replenish our energy. Embrace this time to really relax more with quieter nights at home.
    3. Put a couple of things on the Calendar to look forward to: This helps with the blah days. Book a dinner out with friends, maybe a staycation or holiday. Plan a get together with friends, book a spa day. Whatever brings you joy, make a point to schedule things on the Calendar. Having something to look forward to is always a mood booster.

One thing I was reminded of recently is how precious life is. Life is not meant to be wishing our days away, rather to enjoy them to the fullest. It would be a shame to just be living for the summer months and not enjoy the beauty that the NOW brings. There are many gifts to the shorter days and the colder weather, we might just have to look at it through a new perspective. I love spring and summer, and have also learned to embrace the colder months because life is short, and I don’t want to spend my time wishing it away.

Wishing you many gifts and blessings this time of year.

With love,


CEO of The Positive Change Group

Are you Ready to Let Go?

Are you Ready to Let Go?


The willingness to let go this fall is a beautiful reminder of the natural rhythms that happen within the change of season. Have you noticed that fall is a time of letting go? We see the trees literally letting go of their leaves, and when we do this from an emotional healing place, it gives us space to let in the new.

Before it gives us space to let in the new, it also gives us clarity; clarity of what we want. Clarity of what our new program can be. Clarity on more dreams, bigger dreams, and aspirations.

When we are bogged down with limiting beliefs, whether that’s insecurities, feelings of not being good enough, it would do us good to let go of the things that don’t serve us. Are you repeating a program from the time you were a child that has held you in darkness and not allowed you to shine your light?

What are you willing to and permitting to release and let go to create clarity; to empty your tank? Let’s look right now at all the things that you can let go of.

  1. Old Habits: October can be a great time to reflect on unhealthy or unproductive habits and consider letting go of them to make room for personal growth.
  2. Grudges and Resentments: Just as trees shed their leaves to start anew, individuals can release grudges and resentments that may be holding them back from moving forward in their relationships and personal well-being.
  3. Stress and Anxiety: Autumn can be a time to embrace tranquility and reduce stress. Letting go of excessive worry or anxiety can help create mental space for a sense of calm.
  4. Material Possessions: As you witness nature simplifying itself, you might consider decluttering your own life by letting go of material possessions you no longer need.
  5. Negative Self-Talk: Shedding self-doubt and negative self-talk can be a powerful way to promote mental and emotional growth.
  6. Expectations: Release unrealistic expectations you may have placed on yourself or others, allowing for more authentic and less stressful relationships and experiences.
  7. Regrets: Just as the falling leaves can symbolize the shedding of regrets, it’s a good time to reflect on past mistakes, learn from them, and let go of any lingering regrets that may be hindering personal growth.
  8. Past Attachments: Whether it’s relationships, memories, or experiences that no longer serve you, October can be a time to release attachments to the past and embrace the present moment.
  9. Fears: Face your fears and consider letting go of irrational or limiting fears that may be holding you back from pursuing your goals and dreams.
  10. Expectations of Perfection: Let go of the need to be perfect in every aspect of your life, and instead, embrace imperfection as a natural part of the human experience.

When we link the idea of letting go with hypnosis, we achieve an emotional detox. The healing power is really in just releasing and letting go so that the magic of transformation can happen.

Tips on how we let go when we notice the leaves falling from the trees.

  1. Become consciously aware of the thoughts in your mind that are creating disharmony, meaning emotional discomfort. You can do this by questioning your emotions and asking, “What is my emotion connected to?” “What thoughts or programs am I telling myself?” Once we can pinpoint the thought then we can simply do a tapping exercise to let that go.
  2. Do a brain dump. Write in your journal all the negative things you’re ready to let go of. Just do a brain dump on a journal very cathartically to let it out. You can burn that page, ceremoniously if you like, the key is to just let go of what no longer serves while sitting in presence.

The idea of letting go during October when the trees shed their leaves can be a metaphorical reflection on personal growth, change, and renewal.

By Julie Cass

The Positive Change Group


Reset for the new business year!

Reset for the new business year!


As the warm embrace of summer begins to give way to the crisp air of September, a golden opportunity emerges—a chance to reset, rejuvenate, and realign our energies. The symbolic significance of this transitional month offers a perfect juncture to embark on a journey of elevating both personally and professionally, starting with a revitalizing act: clearing clutter from our physical spaces.

There’s a curious connection between the environment we inhabit and the thoughts that occupy our minds. An office cluttered with disorganized papers, forgotten artifacts, and remnants of the past can inadvertently mirror the chaos within. As the September breeze rustles through open windows, it’s time to declutter not only our surroundings but also the mental cobwebs that have accumulated. By purging the extraneous, we create space for fresh ideas and perspectives to flow freely. This act of tidying up is more than an aesthetic overhaul—it’s a tangible step toward mental clarity.

Clearing Physical Clutter:

  1. Set a Clear Intention: Before you begin, establish a clear intention for the space you’re decluttering. Whether it’s your office, bedroom, or living area, envision how you want it to feel and function once the clutter is gone.
  2. Divide and Conquer: Break the space into smaller sections to prevent overwhelm. Start with one area at a time, such as a desk, shelf, or drawer.
  3. Sort and Categorize: As you go through items, sort them into categories like “keep,” “donate,” “discard,” and “relocate.” Be honest with yourself about what you truly need and use.
  4. Declutter with Purpose: Keep only items that serve a functional or sentimental purpose. Let go of things that are broken, unused, or no longer relevant to your life.
  5. Organize and Store: Once you’ve decided what to keep, organize items in a logical manner. Use storage solutions like boxes, bins, and shelves to keep things tidy and easily accessible.
  6. Create a Maintenance Plan: To prevent clutter from building up again, establish a regular cleaning and organizing routine. Spend a few minutes each day tidying up to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Clearing Mental Clutter:

  1. Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness involves being present in the moment without judgment. Engage in activities like meditation, deep breathing, or yoga to calm your mind and create mental space.
  2. Journaling: Write down your thoughts, worries, and feelings in a journal. This can help you unload mental baggage, gain perspective, and identify patterns of thought.
  3. Prioritize Tasks: Create a to-do list and prioritize tasks. Focus on completing one task at a time instead of trying to multitask, which can lead to mental clutter.
  4. Digital Detox: Clear your digital space by organizing your emails, files, and apps. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails and limit your time spent on social media.
  5. Let Go of Negative Thoughts: Practice self-compassion and challenge negative self-talk. Replace self-criticism with positive affirmations and constructive thoughts.
  6. Practice Gratitude: Shift your focus to the positive aspects of your life. Regularly express gratitude for the things you have and the experiences that bring you joy.
  7. Simplify Commitments: Evaluate your commitments and responsibilities. Learn to say no to tasks or activities that add unnecessary stress and clutter to your life.
  8. Engage in Creative Activities: Engaging in creative pursuits like art, music, or writing can help channel your thoughts in a productive and expressive manner.

With a clean canvas before us, the next step in this September reset involves crafting powerful intentions. Intentions are more than mere resolutions; they are conscious declarations of purpose that guide our actions and choices. As we shed the layers of self-sabotage, we invite in the possibility of growth and transformation. No longer weighed down by doubt or fear, we can set our sights on loftier goals and dreams. The magic lies in believing that we are worthy of the success we seek, and that belief becomes the driving force behind our every endeavor.

Interestingly, as we let go of the hustle mentality that often leaves us exhausted and burnt out, a profound shift occurs. Inspired action takes center stage. Unlike the relentless grind of hustling, inspired action emerges effortlessly. It’s a state where our thoughts are in harmonious alignment with our objectives.

Example affirmations include:

  • “I am in flow with my business, it comes easy to me.”
  • “My thoughts are in alignment with my vision.”

This alignment creates a natural flow that propels us forward with ease and enthusiasm. Each step taken feels purposeful, each decision intentional. Inspired action isn’t about pushing ourselves to the limit; it’s about tapping into our innate creativity and resourcefulness. It means moving away from hustle and more into flow.

September is a reminder that life operates in seasons, and each season comes with its unique invitations. As summer fades we find ourselves standing on the threshold of autumn—a season of change, a time for reset and a time for inspired action.

By clearing the clutter from our surroundings and minds, we prepare the canvas of our lives for a fresh masterpiece. With intentions set and self-sabotage dismantled, we embrace the liberating concept that success need not be an arduous journey. Instead, it can be a dance of inspired action, where our thoughts and aspirations dance in perfect harmony.

This is when the real magic happens. The action should feel easy and fun; this is when you know you are in alignment.

Happy September and may your month be purpose-filled and fun.


Julie Cass

The Positive Change Group

Want to create your magic?

Want to create your magic?

Turn up the volume on your SELF-WORTH.

I have learned in my own life and what I have witnessed with my clients over the years is that real magic begins to happen when we can really feel, understand, and believe in our own WORTH.

So much of our disharmony or fear, anger, frustration reflects how we feel about ourselves. We may feel frustrated because something we wanted so badly has not happened. We may feel hurt because we were rejected by a client or maybe a love interest. We feel disappointed when something does not work out the way we anticipated.  This all then feeds into a deeper well of not feeling worthy enough.

The issue is, most of us do not understand or connect the dots with this having anything to do with our feelings of lack of self-worth.  Many times, we just feel it is bad luck or worse we criticize ourselves by saying things like; “I’m never going to find a love, I am never going to get this promotion.” etc.

Let’s break this cycle now and create some magic.

I have seen so much magic happen, almost instantly, with myself and my clients when we re-program our minds to feel our unlimited worth.

When we act from a place of elevated worth, we feel worthy to be happy, we feel worthy to relax, we feel worthy to fulfill our desires, we feel worthy to love what we do for a living. It is unlimited to what we can attract that feels so amazing when we act from a place of self-worth.

The real magic in life is knowing your own worth without having to rely on the outside world to give you this validation. It is knowing you are worthy because you are here, because you breathe. It is not having to accomplish another goal to feel it, to achieve a better grade to feel it, to get recognition to feel it. These outside validations feel great, but they are fleeting. The feeling does not last because we become addicted to them and need more of them to keep feeling worthy.  It is not true inner peace; it is only temporary.

Creating real inner peace is knowing you are worthy no matter what.

To know that you are enough right now and that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone to be worthy.

When we understand this and feel this, the best thing happens; all the things you want start to happen in flow.  They do not need to feel like a struggle. It just happens. And yes, it feels good when it happens, but it certainly does not define your worth. Because you already know you are worthy regardless of what is happening around you.

That is living in magic. That is what is possible for you.

To work on reprograming the mind, you can do this through hypnosis and getting our body into a relaxed state so we can begin a new dominant thought around self-worth and love. A new belief and knowing of our worth. Becoming aware and focusing on our core being is vital in detecting our worth. One of the best ways to becoming aware of who we really are is to temporarily let go of the numerous titles we identify with, i.e. a Mother, a Sister, our career,  etc. What is left?

To help you do this I have created a beautiful meditation on Self-Worth.

My suggestion is to listen to this before bed every night and allow your subconscious mind to get a new program and unlock the well and depths of your WORTH.

You got this.

Enjoy the magic.


The Positive Change Group

Work Life Balance – Why it is impossible to achieve unless we internally shift.

Work Life Balance

Why it is impossible to achieve unless we internally shift.


Work-life balance is something that millions of people try an achieve every year with very little success often leading to burnout and overwhelm.  What exactly does work life balance mean and why has this become one of the most sought-after ideals of our modern-day world?

Work-life balance is often referred to as balancing the time we spend at work with time spent in our personal lives including time with loved ones, social time and selfcare.  The problem with this is we may never actually get a balance between the two, however what is important is how you feel.  The truth is it is nearly impossible to achieve balance all the time because there will be time-sensitive deadlines or projects that come up with work and throw the balance off.

So how do we successfully manage this delicate equilibrium between the demands of work and personal life?

Rather than waiting for your external world to give you the balance, they key is understanding that it is an internal job to achieve this balance. So much of this has to do with our perspective on things. What is the story we are telling ourselves and where is your mind right now?  Many times, we feel out of balance because our mind and body are disconnected.

Let me explain.

1. Upgrading the ‘story’ we tell ourselves

A mindful approach to your thoughts will help you achieve inner peace and balance. Many times, our inner story is around telling ourselves how hard something is or complaining about the task at hand or the person we need to deal with. A self loving or balanced approach to creating inner peace must first come from changing inner dialogue to more up-lifting and encouraging statements such as:

“I got this.”

“I am strong, and I can handle this.”

“This project might be demanding but I can do it and I am giving myself the necessary breaks I need to recharge.”

“This might feel like a challenge right now, but the answer is always there, and I will figure it out with ease and grace.”

“Right now, I am going to solely focus on work and then tonight when I am home, I will enjoy a wonderful meal with my family.”

If you want to feel better the most effective way is to change your internal story. You will feel better when you change what you tell yourself!

2. Connecting Your Mind and Body – Being Present

Being present is an essential aspect of attaining work-life balance. It means fully engaging and immersing oneself in the present moment, whether at work or in personal life. When you are present, you can give your undivided attention to the task at hand, improving productivity and efficiency. Being present also enables you to connect with others on a deeper level, fostering stronger relationships and social support networks.

In the context of work, being present means focusing on the task at hand, minimizing distractions, and practicing mindfulness. It involves being fully engaged in work-related activities and avoiding multitasking, which can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress.  Multitasking is like fracturing your energy trying to divide yourself in pieces leaving you feeling depleted. With singular focus, you can be more present and hence more productive and achieve better outcomes. Ultimately, you will feel better and have a bigger sense of accomplishment allowing you to leave work at work.

Conversely, being present in personal life entails dedicating quality time to loved ones, pursuing hobbies and interests, and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. It involves setting aside work-related thoughts and concerns and being fully present with family and friends. Set your device aside and engage in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Being present in personal life helps you recharge your batteries and find fulfillment outside of work. This meditation is helpful in becoming aware of the present moment.

Work-life balance is primarily an internal working that necessitates self-reflection, setting priorities, and making conscious choices. Being present in both work and personal life is crucial for achieving a good balance. By cultivating mindfulness and being fully engaged in the present moment, you can enhance your overall well-being, improve productivity, and foster meaningful connections in all aspects of your life.

by Julie Cass

The Positive Change Group


A Mental Detox to Create Your Best Summer

A Mental Detox

To Create Your Best Summer Yet

This is a great time of year to do a mental detox and prepare for your best summer ever. There are so many things around us that can trigger a warm feeling inside of gratitude and appreciation. Today while driving, I noticed how green the trees are as they are in full bloom. It gave me a feeling of gratitude that we have the whole summer ahead of us and the warmer weather is here.  It also reminded me that this life is meant to be lived, it is meant to smile more, to laugh more and find the things that bring us joy. It is meant to let go of our worries as they are a waste of time and elevate our mindset so we can really start living now.

Not tomorrow but now.

My own life really changed when I became more disciplined about my mind and the thoughts I was telling myself. As much as I would feel joy when I would accomplish something, it was only temporary joy. I would quickly be consumed with the next thing on my To Do list. The real bliss happened when, no matter what was going on in my own life, I became more decerning of steering my internal program to a positive one. I love working with my clients on how to elevate their mindset because it is clear how quickly we see changes in one’s moods, stress, and overall happiness.

The following are a few quick tips to help you elevate your mindset today and start to experience a more positive and fulfilling life.

Start your day with “I GET TO”

When you first open your eyes in the morning begin to train your brain into focusing on the positive by saying: “I get to…”  A simple change form I have to, to I get to will create a huge shift in how you feel and how you start your day.

For example upon first opening your eyes say to yourself:

“I get to wake up and have a glass of water, I get to move my body, I get to take a warm shower, I get to choose what to wear today etc…”

This list can go on and on but what you are doing is so powerful because instead of saying I have to which feels like obligation, you are shifting to focus on appreciation of all the privileges you have.

Activate the Feel-Good Hormone

Our bodies are meant to move but not just for physical health but for mental health as well. Did you know moving your body naturally releases the bodies ‘feel good’ hormone; Serotonin? My morning movement is always motivated by how it will make me feel. I always find my capacity is increased for dealing with curve balls that the day might bring, when I have moved my body first.

Engage in regular physical activities that you enjoy, such as swimming, hiking, cycling, or playing sports. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you move your body and the summer is a great time to get outside and do this.  Remember, regular exercise releases endorphins, which can boost your mood and energy levels.

Every morning tell yourself: “I choose to feel good, so I choose to move my body today.”

A Healthy Eating Mindset

When we feel well, we eat well, when we eat well we feel well. It is a great reciprocal relationship but the opposite can be true. When we feel emotionally drained or stressed many of us will opt for “comfort food” to help us cope.

There are many other alternatives that we can use to help deal with stress such as breathing, meditation, walks in nature, focusing on what is in our control etc. When it comes to food, we need to start changing our relationship with food so we don’t use it to self-medicate.

The first thing to do is remember we eat for energy. When you have a busy work week choose foods that will give you the most brain power and energy. This will be mostly fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and a small amount of whole grains. The best rule is to rule out anything that comes in a package because it tends to be more processed. The more food is in a natural state, the more energy giving the food is.

A healthy food mindset will be one that tells your body: “Today I am eating whole foods that give me energy, today I am going to enjoy healthy foods that feels good to my body and mind.”

I love food and I love indulging from time to time in those comfort foods, but it is a very different mindset when we do this mindfully and intentionally at certain times like the weekend and not every day as a habit or crutch to try and feel better. And remember when you do indulge, a healthy mindset does it guilt free and with a lot of joy!

Some key tips for healthy eating

  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water (Water before coffee in the am)
  • Meal planning – planning your meals midweek will take all the pressure off those last minute crunches where we tend to opt for easy and convenient and not healthy choices.
  • Meal prep will help you stay healthy. Prewash your fruits and veggies and keep them in glass containers in the fridge.
  • Summer salads are a great way to get your veggies in. I do a chunky ’empty the fridge’ salad where I load up on my raw veggies, it adds crunch and gives variety.
  • Daily fasting – our digestive systems need a break. Try to fast at least 12-14 hrs a day. For more information on the health benefits of fasting click here.
  • Remember your Mindset: “I get to eat healthy foods today.”

Socialize with Like Minds

Spend more time with people who make you feel good. A positive mind will attract a positive mind. Like attracts like so schedule and make time for those people in your life and tell them how much you appreciate them. Expressing gratitude for others goes a long way and feels amazing.

I Prioritize ME

We are the captains of our ship, the navigators of our life, and ultimately 100% responsible for our happiness and our misery.  The great news is that happiness is in your power when you prioritize your happiness and your Self.

Setting aside time every day for yourself to connect inwards and to relax is essential food for the mind. This is our brain’s chance to recharge and reconnect with self.

A daily practice of meditation, nature walks, journaling or breath work is a great way to do this.

Remember it all starts with the mind. If you tell yourself that you are a priority, the body will follow. Action around self becomes easier once the mind decides.

Make a sticky note right now and put it somewhere that is visible. “I AM A PRIORITY”.

Keep repeating this until the mind understands and says; yes you are. Now go do something for yourself that feels good!

Remember a positive mind creates a positive life. It all starts with our mind and what we are telling ourselves.

By following these tips, you can keep feeling great as summer approaches and make the most of this vibrant and joyful season. Embrace the warmth, sunshine, and endless possibilities that summer brings!

by Julie Cass of The Positive Change Group

To learn more about Julie’s exclusive coaching to help you master the challenges in your life please book your call HERE.

How to Deepen the Connection with Your Partner

couple in love

How to Deepen the Connection with Your Partner

Relationships have been tested over the last few years and couples have been spending more time together but not necessarily quality time. Reports show that divorce rates have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic and it appears to be continuing.

So how do couples keep the spark alive while deepening the connection with each other? Here are some tips on how to reconnect with your partner and make Valentines 2023 special.

Take Some Solo Time to Deepen Your Connection with Self

This might sound counter-intuitive for how to deepen your connection with your partner, yet it is the first and most important thing to do.  We can only go as deep with another human-being based on how deep we go with ourselves. We can only love and connect with another based on how deep the well of self love and connection goes within.

Most couples who are unhappy feel it is the other who makes them unhappy.  The most important thing is to find your happiness first, love yourself first then you will be able to bloom in a relationship. The more you cultivate your own self-love, you will raise your vibration and your relationship will shift because of it. And it will shift the way it needs too.

Cultivating a deeper sense of peace and love can be as simple as taking some quiet time for yourself daily.

For example:

  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Reading
  • Anything that fills your energetic cup

It is important to express your desire for self-care so that your partner can honour that request, and vice versa.

Emotional Intimacy

Fostering emotional intimacy is as important, if not more important than physical intimacy. We have been starving for emotional intimacy and one of the most powerful ways to foster this is by taking time to connect with no distractions.  That means putting the device away, turning the TV off and actually talking.  The best gift you can give another is the gift of your PRESENCE.

Emotional intimacy is something we should cultivate daily. One of the best ways to do this is to lean into your vulnerability and express your fears and ask them about theirs, share your dreams and goals for this upcoming year. Taking time to talk about the deeper things in life and not just “what’s for diner”  will help the keep the connection deep.  However, the key to remember here is people only want to share and will feel safe to be vulnerable when you are present with them and not distracted. Being present shows you care.


Prioritize Each Other

You can only bloom what you choose to nourish.

It is very easy for couples to put their relationship on the backburner especially when the kids are young.  However, the long term effects of this can be detrimental.  Ask yourself how we as a couple are nourishing this relationship. What is important to us both. For one it might be quality time, for another it could be random acts of kindness.  A great book to read is ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. It can help you find your, and your partner’s love language so you can better understand how to connect with one another and what is important to each.

Consider date nights; couples can be creative and have some fun when organizing date night, whether it be a night out or stay at home. If you have kids, this can be something simple like ordering a pizza for the kids and having a candle light dinner together while the kids are distracted with their favourite movie. It’s all about the intention you put behind it. Do you enjoy cooking together? Is there an activity that you can both enjoy doing together?

The most important thing is to remember that your relationship is a priority. When you both decide it is then you will be more mindful on how you nourish it so it can continuously bloom. If you feel you have gotten off track and are feeling disconnected it is ok because you can focus on what you do want to feel and make some changes to take steps towards a deeper connection.

One of the things we always do in our home is remind each other that we are a team, and we have each others back.  This simple reminder when things feel off can help to get you back on track.

Lastly, connecting with your partner is not just about Valentine’s Day, it is about making each other and your relationship a priority all year.

And when you prioritize yourself first, I promise you will have more to give to your partner and also you increase your capacity to receive more love.

Check out Julie’s book “Me First” for more on how to prioritize yourself, for deepening your connections with others.



Empower Yourself in 2023!

It’s the New Year and…

You like many Canadians might be struggling to keep your mood up and your goals on track. Statistics show only 9% of Canadians stick to their New Years Resolutions. What are we doing wrong?

The key is to approach this from a different perspective and there is only one true way to make anything stick. Your mind needs to decide first and then the body will follow.

I want to share with you 3 simple mindset shifts to create lasting positive habits for a new better feeling you. Setting goals and intentions are needed but upgrading your mindset is what makes healthy habits stick.

3 Mindset Up-grades for a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Re-prioritizing Self – “I am a Priority”
  • Many of us do not believe we are a priority, and until that belief changes it is almost impossible to create self-care habits that stick.
  • Upgrade your belief system by telling yourself over and over again “I am a Priority”.
  • “No time” is no longer an excuse – because you have changed what you prioritize and it is never about time, it is simply about what we prioritize.
  1. Do what feels good
  • Use your feelings as a motivator – everyone wants to feel better so use your feelings as a motivator.
  • Ask yourself: How will this morning walk make me feel?
  • Make a list of all the healthy habits that make you feel better e.g.: hiking outside, skating, clean eating, yoga, meditation, reading, journaling, etc.
  1. Mindset shift – moving from “I have to” to “I get to”
  • Upgrading the mind to “I get to” i.e. – I get to work out, I get to go for a walk, I get to take a yoga class. This will create a shift in your body, and you will feel a level of appreciation rather than another thing on the To-Do list
  • Gratitude and appreciation shifts our attitude and our energy. It is a wonderful self-healing emotion, and we can learn to feel more of it. Using “I get to”, helps you to feel this energy more.


The end result is lasting change that becomes a lifestyle rather than a temporary goal or the viscous cycle of healthy vs unhealthy choices. Once it become a lifestyle you don’t even need new years resolutions. You might need a little reset after holiday indulgence but that is easy to achieve.

To really integrate lifestyle changes around food, It is time to start changing your relationship around your own personal health. It must always be a priority no matter what, and your personal health should never be something you negotiate.

When you adopt an ‘I am a priority’ mentality you will always be working towards your own personal alignment with each choice you make throughout the day and your own personal alignment is always about what will FEEL the best for you.

The beautiful thing about this is we allow ourselves to indulge and enjoy, like over the holidays but with a mindful approach.

What is a mindful approach around eating?

A mindful approach is that I am really going to enjoy my food with no guilt or shame. (Which are the lowest energies for us to feel) A mindful approach is I am going to enjoy this delicious piece of chocolate cake with appreciation and joy.  The energy of how you eat is just as important as what you eat. When we eat with guilt, we make our food worse for our health.

Infuse each bite with love an appreciation. Not only will you enjoy it more, but it is easy to self-regulate because you have adopted a healthy lifestyle you might only want one piece of cake and you will still regularly work out and move your body because ultimately it feels better.

In Conclusion…

Don’t beat yourself up around your choices or if you haven’t been able to stick to some new goals.

Remember a couple of key things:
  1. You can hit the reset button at any moment.
  2. Don’t give up on your health
  3. Upgrade your mindset around a healthy lifestyle being top priority
  4. Enjoy food with appreciation and no guilt and you will be able self-regulate with ease.

You have all the power within you to make changes, just know you are a priority first.

For more information and techniques on how to do this, pick-up a copy of my best-selling book ‘Me First’ HERE.

Creating a Winter Wellness Plan

warming feet by the fireplace

How to Embrace Winter

As we know, many Canadian’s get into a slump around this time of year, as the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder.

Mindset is everything and I have some simple things you can do to help embrace the months ahead.

Creating a Winter Wellness Plan

The winter months can be a time to thrive instead of just plowing through the days, and wishing the time away. It can be a time to create some wonderful memories a time for laughter, a time to thrive with a little sprinkle of warm and cozy.

Having a winter wellness plan allows you to mentally set an intention and a clear path on how to cultivate joy for the season.

Simply set a specific intention on how you are going to embrace the winter. Our minds are so powerful and dictate so much of how we feel, so when we set a clear intention we are priming our mind for happiness and peace no matter how cold it gets outside.

Hear are some intentions I have on my plan:

  1. Really appreciating my warm coat, scarf, mitts and walking my dog every night.
  2. Dusting off my skates and looking for opportunities to embrace the kid in me.
  3. Having cozy candlelit dinners with the family.
  4. Putting something on the calendar to look forward to like a date night with your partner or friend.
  5. Using my diffuser daily  to fill my house and office with warm cozy, uplifting aromas.

Winter Wellness Plan Image

What’s on your winter wellness plan?

Additional Tips to Keep Your Mind Elevated this Winter

Simple pleasures at home can make a difference in shifting your mood and lifting the energy in your home:

  • Light a candle or turn the fireplace on to set a cozy ambiance.
  • Have a nice collection of teas for soothing comfort after a meal. add ref to Yogi tea and makes house smell great.
  • Take a warm bubble bath.
  • Diffuse essential oils like cinnamon, cloves and orange for an uplifting aroma.
  • Cuddle on the coach with your favourite blanket, a good book or uplifting movie.

Anything that creates warmth and comfort in the home also creates it in the mind; don’t you agree?

Winter is an excellent time to take better care of yourself, and we’re here for you. By planning ahead, you can avoid most of the things that lead to stress during this time of year. Take a few minutes to work through a wellness plan so you can stay happy and healthy throughout winter.

More Winter Wellness Tips

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the best ways to reduce stress and improve your mood. If you have trouble falling asleep, try going to bed earlier, or doing something relaxing like reading before bedtime.

  • Plan for Meals and Snacks

You should always have healthy snacks on hand to help you avoid overeating at meals. Try putting together a few different types of snacks to keep things interesting.

  • Practice Breathing Exercises

Inhaling deeply can help you relax and reduce stress levels throughout your body.

  • Connect more with people that feel good to be around.

Connection is important, the right connection will lift your spirits.

  • Get Moving

You should aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. It’s best to do this in several short bursts throughout the day rather than one long session. You don’t need to go for a run or lift weights to lower stress and improve your mood. Try going for a walk after dinner, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Find a walking buddy or workout buddy that can help keep you accountable.

  • Last and certainly not least; remember to take time for yourself! Winter is a great time for inner reflection. Daily meditations or journaling can be just what your soul needs for that warm peaceful, self-loving feeling.


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5 time-saving measures you can do right now

5 time-saving measures you can do right now

So much of our overall success in our careers and our day-to-day lives are determined by our time management philosophy. There are so many diversions these days that we might waste hours without even realizing it.

And while leisure and downtime are absolutely important, you really may have a problem with time management if you’re averaging 6+ hours a day of screen time from scrolling through social media. 

How Time Management Plays A Major Role In Your Success

Time management is about strategizing and planning your available time to match each task you have each day. However, in order for it to be effective, you must stick as closely to the allotted time frame for each task as possible. It comes more naturally to some people than others, but it really boils down to discipline and habits. 

Time management is also linked to what you value. I always say if you value it, you will make time for it. Valuing your mental health should be top of your list.

Poor time management skills can lead to:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Increased stress levels
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Poor work quality 
  • Ruining your professional reputation
  • Damaging relationships in your personal life

All these reasons are why having an effective time management strategy is truly a major key to your success. 

5 Best Tips to Improve Your Time Management Skills

If you have trouble completing tasks within a reasonable time frame, there are some tips you can apply to yield better results.

  1. Set your priorities and connect them to your values – Some tasks will naturally weigh more heavily on the importance scale than others. Organizing your day and prioritizing are the two first steps in effective time management. Utilizing to-do lists and time management apps could also be huge in helping you to track your time and keep your day in check. 
  2. Avoid Distractions – This is sometimes much easier said than done; however, if we’re honest, unnecessary distractions are one of the biggest causes of bad time management. Some distractions are unavoidable, for instance, if you work from home and have young children home with you, or an ill or elderly family member you’re caring for. But, if your problem is with electronics, putting your phone on ‘do not disturb’ or keeping it out of sight until you’ve completed your tasks is a good way to limit that distraction.
  3. Avoid multitasking – The ability to multitask is valued in today’s culture, but it may damage your time management. Taking on an overwhelming amount of tasks to complete within a short period could affect your efficiency and accuracy. Your productivity will increase if your full attention is devoted to the task at hand instead of being split. You will also be able to complete each task more quickly.
  4. Learn to say no – This tip goes hand in hand with avoiding multitasking. We can sometimes endure guilt for not being able to say yes to every call or knock, but the truth is this could lead to serious burnout. You must set a workload limit and accept the reality that you cannot say yes to everything.
  5. Take breaks – If you have huge tasks set out, it could be tempting to want to complete them all at once. However, this could lead to burnout and have serious implications on your mental health. 

Taking a short break for a few minutes every couple of hours can help you to recharge and bring fresh ideas and energy to your tasks.

It’s also important to remember not to skip out on meals to complete the tasks more quickly. Eating will refuel your body and provide you with the sustained energy you need to complete tasks. 

Once you have mastered effective time management, you will see a huge improvement in your quality of work, and overall quality and balance between work and life. 

To help you with your time management needs try my Healthy Mind, Body, and Business Weekly Planner.