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End of a Decade: Time for Reflection & Intention

As we come to the end of a decade it is a great time for reflection and intention.

Take a couple of moments either by yourself or with loved ones and write down or share your answers to the following questions.

This facilitates deep love and care by allowing gratitude and forgiveness to come in and also to be really clear about what your intentions and visions are moving forward.

As we transition out of 2019 and into a new decade with 2020, it is an amazing time to honor yourself and be really clear on what you want to create for the next 10 years.

Give yourself this gift for reflection and intention.



These answers do not need to be long winded but heartfelt and honest.  Point form will work well for the decade questions.

If by yourself take a quiet moment, and go inward:


1.  What are you celebrating for 2019?

2. What are you most grateful for over the past 10 years? (top 5-10 things)

3. What are you letting go of in 2019?

4.  What part of you are you letting go of from the past 10 years?

5. What do you want to achieve in 2020?

6. What is your 10 year vision (Next decade)?

7. Who do you need to become in order to achieve this vision?


WE are master creators of our life.  WE get to decide every day and moment who we want to be and how we want to show up.   Own your power and your creation by making space to do this.

With much love, peace and joy as we move into a new decade,


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