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What defines the success of your business? Is it profits, customer satisfaction, or impact on the community? The more you break it down, the more you realize all these factors have one thing in common. You can’t define your success without a happy workforce to make it happen.

Leave your workstation, and let’s go for a little retreat. It’s time to show you why corporate wellness is more important than you think!

What is Corporate Wellness?

To understand the benefits of a corporate wellness strategy, we must understand what it entails. Corporate Wellness is any activity or policy within the workplace that improves the health & wellness of employees. 

An effective wellness policy must encourage workers to adopt healthy habits, encourage teamwork and increase productivity without leading to burnout.

Why does corporate wellness matter?

Employees spend the majority of their lives at work. With more employees working from home than ever before, the work-life balance has shifted negatively towards a busier and more stressful lifestyle. 

High levels of inflation have also put a damper on our ability to reap the rewards of our hard work, while supply chains have crippled, making some sales targets hard to reach. This is the reality of many businesses today, but there are ways to help our treasured staff rise above the issues at hand.

Here are the Facts

  • For every dollar spent on wellness programs, workers spend less time absent and less money on healthcare. 1
  • Long working hours leads to an increased risk of heart disease 2
  • Stressed workers cost the US over 300 billion dollars every year 3

How to make your workplace fit for work?

An effective corporate wellness program can make a huge difference in your staff’s productivity and overall wellbeing. You may also notice a positive return on your investment as workers spend less time sick, less time exhausted and more time creating quality products and services.

Focus on Movement

One of the most popular corporate wellness techniques is to create an environment focused on the fitness of your staff. Establishing a gym at the office or incentivizing staff with a free gym membership may encourage them to stay on top of their game and keep healthy without breaking their pocket. Allow employees 15 minutes per day to take a walk as a health initiative.

Corporate entities may also offer cash incentives to employees that meet their personal fitness goals. This gives each worker a motivational boost, knowing that their company cares about their own wellness beyond the workplace.

Clear the Air

Smoking is one of the most lethal habits in workplace culture. Workers who smoke are more likely to spend more on health-related expenses and spend less time on the job. Heavy smokers may also have a lower life expectancy, which increases the turnover rate within the workforce in the worst way.

Smoke Cessation corporate wellness programs aim to reduce the number of employees who smoke through lifestyle coaching, special incentives for quitting, and medical support to keep them away from cigarettes. 

This simple strategy also boosts the public perception of your company as one that focuses on a healthy and happy workforce.

Team Sports

No need to wait for the next Olympics. You can host your own series of games from the comfort of your workplace. When workers are encouraged to take part in corporate wellness activities outside of the usual workflow, they may work better as a team, get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and show more initiative.

This can be as simple as a paper toss challenge or complex as a multi-level tournament for a cash prize. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.


It’s easy to lose focus on what’s important when we’re always on the grind. One of the most effective corporate wellness programs is a timely company-sponsored retreat. Releasing your workforce from the usual hustle and bustle for a week and experiencing something new together can do wonders for staff morale. 

A well-planned retreat may also encourage new idea development, increasing the company’s offerings and boosting profits in the future.

Encourage Breaks

A burnt-out staff is never a good thing. It’s important to create an environment where workers feel comfortable moving at a pace that yields the best results. An effective corporate wellness program should encourage staff to take a breather every now and then, without worrying about the pause in productivity affecting their performance review. 

Some large-scale companies offer nap rooms where workers can take a moment to decompress before continuing with the day’s activities. Google famously has sleep pods across the campus for this very same reason.

Lunch Luxuries

Food is one of the greatest motivators in the world. A healthy, tasty, and filling lunch program can significantly reduce stress, improve the diet and incentivize the workplace.

Corporate wellness programs should focus on the dietary needs of their workers and encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle. Many tech companies offer free snacks, beverages, and even meals at any given time of the day. Some companies may even deliver healthy snacks directly to your office.

Wellness Works

It’s easy to build a corporate wellness program within your workplace. Work within your budget and start building today for a better, happier & healthier workplace tomorrow.

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