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Entrepreneurial Mindset: How To Think Like an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurship journey requires perseverance and can be the most fulfilling, journey one can choose to take. It involves a lot of passion and heart for your business and will take a lot of commitment and the right mindset to succeed. 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an entrepreneurial mindset that will keep the individual focused on the goal ahead, despite the challenges. Being in the right mental space, and having the right tools, will make the journey far easier. 

What is an entrepreneurial mindset?

Everyone has a mindset that affects how they live their day-to-day lives. Our attitude determines how and where we see ourselves, our dreams and ambitions, and even our limitations. It helps us to be productive, but can also be blamed for procrastination and hindrances, both personally and professionally.

Essentially, mindset is a set of beliefs and assumptions, based on knowledge and experience, that we use to guide our behaviors and decisions. An entrepreneurial mindset is a specific set of beliefs and thought processes that influences entrepreneurial behavior. 

A successful entrepreneur learns to make their limited beliefs unlimited. You need a positive entrepreneurial mindset that influences a mode of thinking to help you achieve your goals. These skills enable you to identify significant opportunities, overcome obstacles, and learn from mistakes and challenges. 

Every mindset has dimensions and it’s no different for the entrepreneur. 

5 Dimensions of an entrepreneurial mindset 

  1. High self-efficacy beliefs – The challenging road of entrepreneurship requires you to truly believe in yourself and what you have set out to achieve. High self-efficacy allows us to believe firmly in our goals, and motivate ourselves to achieve those goals. We are more able to conquer challenges and obstacles, than fall victim to them. 
  2. Strong internal locus of control – Having an external locus of control allows us to believe that fate or luck controls our lives and circumstances. An internal locus of control puts you in the mindset that your success and failures are in your hands. A high self-efficacy and internal locus of control tend to go hand in hand. People who have both will overcome failure and obstacles much more quickly, and with more determination to get it right the next time.
  3. A growth mindset – A set or fixed mindset limits you by making you believe that your capabilities cannot be changed or evolve. If you have a growth mindset, you believe that you are not limited in your capabilities but that your intelligence and knowledge can advance with extra time and effort. You can cultivate a growth mindset simply by believing that you can.
  4. Motivation – Personal motivation and drive tend to lead to higher engagement and psychological well-being. Being intrinsically motivated means, you are driven simply by the need and desire to get things done based on your internal goals. If you are solely motivated by external factors such as peer pressure or financial gain, the motivation will likely not last. To foster a deeper motivation; remember your ‘Why’. Why do you do what you do? The deeper meaning will be beyond compensation and flexibility.
  5. Resilience – The drive and ability to persevere despite adversity is critical for entrepreneurial success. It won’t be easy, and the desire to quit will arise. High levels of resilience will help you to power through those moments and stay focused on the goals ahead.

Entrepreneurship is challenging, but with the right mindset, it could lead to a very rewarding career.

Ready to develop a winning mindset to become the best version of yourself? Book a call today! 

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