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Healing Through Deeper Connections

Building Stronger Connections Heals

You just met up with a girlfriend and you had the best night. Your heart is full of love and gratitude for your time with her and the beautiful deep connection. You just filled your emotional cup.

You’re having a glass of wine and cooking a meal together with your partner. He is telling you about his day at work and you ask him what his dreams are for his business this year. He passionately tells you his ideas and you are listening intently and encouraging him that he can do anything. He looks at you and says you are amazing, and you can do anything to. What does your biggest dream look like this year? You give it some thought and respond about a big audacious goal you have; you step into your vulnerability, and it feels prickly, but you share anyway. He holds the space for you to dream and believes in you. You feel a sense of peace and deeper connection and love for him. You just filled your emotional cup.

We are emotional beings and when we deepen our connections with others, we fill our emotional cups which ultimately shifts our energy or vibration. Whenever we are feeling more love, more connection it is like we are giving our soul a beautiful healing tincture.

Connection fuels love and love is the most healing vibration. So the more love and connection we have the healthier it is for us.

Prioritizing deeper connections might just be one of the healthiest things you do not only this month of February but all year long.

In today’s fast-paced world of constant distractions it has become even more important to put your device down, take a breath and be present with the ones you love. Carving out 5 minutes a day of connected conversation can fill your emotional cup.

Simple Mindset shifts and tips to connect deeper:

  1. Re-group with what matters- the most important relationships in your life deserve to be a priority. Carve out time daily/weekly to connect.
  2. Coffee/ Tea breaks: – take an uninterrupted coffee break with your partner to connect during the day. It can be over zoom. They key is 5 minutes of focused time with no distractions.
  3. Have sacred times: In our house meal times are sacred. As often as we can we sit as family and share a meal. No phone allowed. 😊
  4. Have a walking date: Get your steps in and connect. Double bonus. Have a walking buddy, either a friend or your partner. This is a great way to connect especially while in nature you will feel a deeper decompression.
  5. Mindset shift: I have time for the people that mean the most. If you are feeling burned by connecting because you don’t have time change your mind about it. It is a privilege to have a loved one in your life, the key is to remember that.
  6. Connect to yourself: remember the most important connection is to the one with self. Have daily quiet time for reflection, meditation, journaling or just sitting in silence is very healing and deepens the connection to SELF.

When we are in our final days it is not the hours we worked we will remember or even the things we stressed about and definitely not the material things we accumulated that will matter. We will reflect on our life with the connections we made and that will ultimately give us a peaceful and full heart. Filling our emotional cups and Deeping our connections might just be the most healthy and joyful thing you do this year.

by Julie Cass

The Positive Change Group

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