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SELF CARE HABITS that will make you love yourself more!

SELF CARE HABITS that will make you love yourself more!

Do you feel busy and overwhelmed by lack of time. This is true for so many professional women, and the problem is we tent to sacrifice our own wellbeing when we feel pressed for time. However this leads to burnout and overwhelm which creates the negative downward cycle of spinning our wheels and leaching our joy.

We need to change in order for it to change.

Are you ready to boost your energy and your outlook on life?

When you incorporate self care habits it changes your energy and vibration which changes your life. Time can be our biggest excuse but it is not a matter of time in is what you are prioritizing and it is time to start prioritizing YOU!

Before you know it, this will feel like a normal part of your everyday routines. Let’s take a look at self care habits and begin with adding a little luxury to your life:

Add Luxury to Your Life

Luxuries can be small little thing that makes you feel so much joy. Making your favourite tea, taking a bubble bath, or having a pedicure are great examples of little luxuries. Some of my favourite luxuries don’t cost a dime; like taking a walk in a park, hiking on trails, or simply enjoying a picnic outdoors can be a luxurious and rejuvenating experience that won’t break the bank.


One thing I have learned over my years is that our bodies are meant to move. Finding ways to move your body that feel enjoyable and fulfilling is an important aspect of caring for yourself. If you don’t have time for a work out, simply pick up the pace on routine walks and stairs. You can take 2 trips to unpack the car instead of one and get those extra ‘steps’ into your day.

Body movement offers you better emotional health. The more you do it, the better you will feel.


Decluttering your space can have numerous benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a simple yet powerful way to improve the overall quality of your life and create a space that supports calm. Any underlying stress that you may be feeling might originate from clutter.

To start pick one room to start. Maybe your office or your bedroom. Notice how the extra space makes you feel. Clarity in your space connects to clarity in your mind which sparks creativity.

Inner Dialogue

One of the healthiest and most self-loving things you can do is upgrade the internal dialogue from inner-critic to inner-cheerleader.

To stop negative self talk we must first become aware when we are doing it. As soon as you realize you have slipped into negative thinking, stop it in its tracks! To do this don’t let the thought finish, see a stop sign in front of you or a big X that blocks the thought. Then replace that thought with a positive, self promoting thought. The more you do this the more you reprogram your subconscious mind until it begin to believe this new dialogue.

Yes, your mind will begin another round of negative self-talk, however every time you become aware and immediately interrupt them, it gets easier and easier, less and less.

When you notice negative self-talk, you can challenge yourself by asking “Is this true?” and “Would I say this to a friend?” Chances are the harshness that you speak to yourself would not come close to what you would say to a friend. This realization not only reframes your thoughts more positively, it also helps you to practice self-compassion.

Replace negative thinking with positive affirmations that you know are true about yourself.

Over time, your brain can rewire itself to more positive self-talk. This will be the biggest and most self-loving thing you can do because you will notice your life around you begins to change as you change your internal dialogue. This is your POWER!

Julie Cass

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