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Spring – A Great Time to RESET

Spring – A Great Time to RESET!

Nature is magical and spring is one of the best times of the year to notice the amazing transformation and flow that happens before our eyes.

After the long winter months of introspection and being dormant, nature starts to bloom and come to life. It’s an opportunity to embrace new beginnings and set powerful new intentions around your own blossoming.

Ready to Bloom like spring?

The following are great ways to let go of the old and bring in some new. Allow yourself to follow the rhythm of nature and blossom.

Cleansing Old Thought Patterns

Spring is a great time to shed some thoughts that no longer feel good.

Make a list of the thoughts that no longer serve you. You will know what these thoughts are because they don’t make you feel good.

Exercise: Take out a pen and write down a limiting thought. Now write down the exact opposite as your unlimiting thought – the thought that makes you feel good instead.

Repeat the new thought until it becomes more familiar than the old thought.  You will feel the energetic shift allowing you to bloom.

Powerful Intentions for Spring and Summer

Setting intentions is one of the most powerful things we can do because we become proactive rather than reactive, to life.  By setting powerful and clear intentions we take charge of our life and how we want to feel and what we want to attract.  The change of seasons is a great time to set new intentions around, fun, laughter, connections, health etc.  Setting intentions is a great way to create new patterns in life and lift your energy.

The Power of Breath Work to Feel an Instant Shift.

In times of stress we need a quick shift – your breath is your best friend!

The cleansing breath below is one of my favourites to create a quick energetic shift and give yourself instant relief.

Cleansing Breath Exercise:

Inhale love, open your arms, open your heart centre.

Exhale stress, bring your arms in and give yourself a big loving hug.



Nature’s Remedies

Nature has a magical way of grounding us as our electromagnetic frequency resonates with nature. We can feel wonderful healing shifts by spending time in nature.

Read more about Nature’s Remedy for Mental Wellness.

Spring Cleaning for Wellness

Decluttering and organizing our living spaces, can have positive effects on our mental and emotional well-being. Some of the benefits of spring cleaning include:

  1. Reducing stress: Clutter and disorganization in our living spaces can contribute to feelings of stress and overwhelm. By decluttering and organizing our space, we can create a more peaceful and calming environment, which can help reduce stress levels.
  2. Improving focus and productivity: A clean and organized space can help improve our focus and productivity by reducing distractions and allowing us to better concentrate on our tasks.
  3. Boosting mood: A clutter-free and organized space can also help improve our mood and overall well-being. Studies have shown that a clean and organized environment can lead to increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction.
  4. Creating a sense of accomplishment: Completing a spring cleaning project, such as cleaning out a closet or organizing a room, can give us a sense of accomplishment and boost our self-esteem.

Overall, spring cleaning can help improve our mental and emotional well-being by reducing stress, improving focus and productivity, boosting mood, and creating a sense of accomplishment.

Megan Authors – home organizer has great tips for Clutter Clearing this Spring.

Refresh Your Pantry – Spring Menu Planning

Our bodies crave different foods as it gets warmer. One possible reason for this is that during the winter months, our bodies tend to crave warmer, heavier foods to help keep us warm and provide energy. As the weather gets warmer in the spring, our bodies may start to crave lighter, fresher foods that are more hydrating and refreshing.

Start to work with more fresh herbs and greens as they begin to come into season, such as strawberries, asparagus, and spinach. Our bodies may naturally crave these foods as they become more readily available and provide the nutrients that our bodies need after a winter of heavier eating.

Change Colours

Add some pops of colour to the house!

Easy colour changes that make a big impact can be: Pillows, Throws, Towels, and even your attire.

Spring Reset Meditation

As we are coming out of our ‘hibernation’, inner reflection and quiet time are always important to bloom. Try my morning reset meditation HERE.

Mental Health Support

Finally, consider seeking out support from a mental health expert or a life coach. As a professional, I can offer guidance and support as you navigate your spring reset, and can help you develop a personalized plan for achieving your goals. Book your free consultation with me HERE.

In conclusion, a spring reset can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. As you embrace the new beginnings of spring, remember that the greatest transformation starts from within. The changing of the seasons offers us an opportunity to reflect on our lives, let go of what no longer serves us, and embrace new beginnings.

By Julie Cass; founder of The Positive Change Group
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