Setting Your Goals at the Best Time of Year

Setting Your Goals

Setting Your Goals at the Best Time of Year

September is one of my favorite months of the year.  It is a transitional period with summer rolling into fall, it means kids are back to school and usually the start of routine.  It is the best time of year to sit down and set your goals or intentions.   This is the most fertile time to manifest your dreams and set your intentions for the year.

Most people feel that the beginning of a calendar year is best to write down goals and set a plan.  But I disagree; September marks the time for new beginnings, new routine and new energy to manifest.

Some Keys to Creating your September Reboot

Take some Quiet Time for Yourself
  • Play relaxing music, grab a cup of tea, get your favorite notebook and some colored pens. Give yourself at least 30-60 min of uninterrupted time.
Grounding Technique
  • Before you begin clear your energy and ground so you can have a clearer headspace.
  • Sit on a chair or the floor with your spine straight, shoulders relaxed and eyes closed.
  • Take a nice big breath in through the nose and out through the nose and with your intention on the exhale, let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. On the inhale bring in new energy and light. Do this for a few breaths until you feel yourself relax and let go.
The Big 5
  • It is important to set goals in the 5 most important areas of our lives. WE are multidimensional beings so just focusing on one area will never bring us inner balance.
  • 5 areas to write goals are: Health, Wealth, Love, Career, and Spiritual Connection.
  • Note: There are more areas we can dive deeper into but for sake of simplicity focus on these 5.
Narrow it Down
  • Focus on your top 3 goals for each area of your life.  Use lots of color, add pictures or drawings if you like.
Action Steps
  • Have your note book or page visible. Look at this each day.
  • Block schedule your calendar with actions/ activities that get you closer to your goals
  • Calendar cleanse – learn to say no to things that do not serve your vision.


Happy September Reboot from The Positive Change.