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Take Control of Your Life

Ever feel like things are so out of control in your life?

I know I have. When things feel out of control, they become overwhelming and heavy. It can cause great stress, anxiety and worse; over time if we don’t do something about this feeling, it can lead to chronic stress or depression.

The good news is that there are things we can do to take back control and really understand that we have the power to feel peace, to feel safe and to have faith.

I realized a long time ago when I was so tired of living in fear that I had to do something to feel better. The real change happened when I stopped waiting for my world to get right, before I could feel right.

I knew to change how I felt, I had to shift. It was and is the only way.

Here is fantastic news, you have the power to shift! And when you realize that by changing some of your internal programing, you can literally change how you feel and hence how you experience your life. You will be able to exhale because you realize that you are in control and always will be.

Ready to get into the driver’s seat of your life?

Here are some simple tools to use to take back your control and begin to smile more.

Ways to take control back and feel empowered in your own life:


Pay attention to the thoughts in your head:

Everything in our life begins with our thoughts. Our thoughts ultimately create how we experience our life. If something does not feel good the first things to ask are;

“What am I telling my self in this moment. What am I thinking in this moment?”


If you change your mind about the problem, it can’t exist:

I know this might sound so strange but it is true and it works. There cannot be a problem if you change your dialog or thought around it. Even if someone has done something to hurt you or upset you, you can still change your thoughts about it, you can change your STORY.

“Why is this showing up for me?

“What is my trigger?”

“What can I learn from this situation?

“What might be the wake up or the blessing here for me?”

“This is only temporary, this will pass, I will and can get through this, in fact I will thrive because of this!”

Start to change your internal dialogue and you will start to change how you feel. You will take more control back.


Turn Limiting Beliefs into Unlimiting Beliefs:

A belief dictates our life experiences but remember a belief is simply a thought that you have had for a long time and put on repeat. A belief is your belief, and if you don’t like how it is limiting you, then start to change your thought to reprogram your belief.

Have you ever noticed why success looks easy for some people? It is not because they have different tools then you, they just have a different belief than you. They believe that success is inevitable for them and hence they achieve it , attract it or manifest it.

Never underestimate the power of your beliefs and if they are in any way holding you in fear, then I recommend that you starting to change your internal program.


Prioritize yourself:

The biggest tool to take control of your life and feel more joy is to know without a doubt that “You are a priority”. When we grow the well of self love everything else in our life changes. We love ourselves deeper and others take cue on how to love us deeper. My book ‘Me First’ goes in-depth on prioritizing self.

When we prioritize ourselves we also prioritize feeling good so it becomes effortless to do things that feel good like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, moving our bodies etc.  We do this from a place of inspiration rather than by force, knowing that prioritizing ourselves must come first.


Surround yourself with positive influences and thoughts:

Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you, and limit time with negative influences.

Our sense of obligation can mislead us into spending time with toxic people. If spending time with certain people doesn’t feel good, then limit or eliminate it. I know sometimes this includes family and this can be difficult, but you are always in control of how much time you decide to spend or devote to people that seem to bring you down. This is having self-loving boundaries, if it doesn’t feel good then it isn’t.  Ask yourself: “What am I willing to tolerate? How much of myself am I willing to give?”


Take 100% responsibility:

When we don’t blame others for our unhappiness, we get our power back!

We are responsible for our own happiness and also for our own misery.

When you truly get this you can live the most empowered life with full control because when something doesn’t feel right you get to change it. Change it by your thoughts, your actions and your reactions.

Your body will never lie to you, so let it guide you on this beautiful journey, tune into your emotions and acknowledge them. And then when you are ready to feel better you simply start by changing your mind about it.

You have this power, you always have, your mind is a big muscle and it takes practice and persistence but it will listen, you will shift, and you will feel better.

Want more help?

Link to my sleep meditation to help with re-programing.

Link to learn about my Hypnosis Sessions.

Julie Cass

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