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5 simple ways to become your best self

Do you really know everything about yourself? Our lives are a collection of memories, moments, mistakes, and magical adventures, but here’s the truth; none of this defines who we truly are inside.

Follow us on this journey as we show you the proven ways to be your best self in 5 simple steps!

What does your best self look like?

We all have our own paths to follow throughout life; that’s the beauty of being human. The best version of yourself may look different based on who you’re talking to. The most important thing is making your best self truly be a reflection of your own desires and not a cookie-cutter copy of someone else. This brings us to the first step:

1. Free your mind from distractions

It’s time to take an audit of everything that influences you. The next time you decide to change your wardrobe, pursue a new venture or take advice from someone, ask yourself first. Am I really doing this for me or for someone else?

Your best self only comes from an internal place of happiness, which can be easily twisted by the influence of others. Focusing on making yourself happy and breaking away from the mould that others may try to force you in.

Are you complacent?

How many times do you say ‘no’ to new opportunities? That one class you never bothered to enroll in, that one trip with your girlfriends to a new country, or that one recipe that looked a little too complicated? If you find yourself constantly rejecting new experiences, it may be time to…  

2. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Here’s the harsh truth. Time is constant, and the things we passed on may never happen again. Our second life hack to becoming your best self is to rethink the way we look at ‘risks’ as ‘moments worth exploring.’ 

It’s easy to get caught up in a routine, but our human nature craves progression and upliftment. Life is fluid and ever-changing, and you are too. Treat every new moment like a ‘One Night Only’ Concert. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you! 

What’s on your plate? 

Did you know that your diet and fitness have a significant impact on our happiness? It’s one thing to be stressed in your mind, but it’s another to be stressed all over your body.

3. Healthy Habits Help

If you’re feeling groggy all the time, slouchy, or demotivated, here’s the perfect opportunity  to become your best self. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, go for a little walk around your community and get some fresh air pumping throughout your body. 

It’s also important to acknowledge your unhealthy habits. Smoking and heavy drinking have creeping impacts that affect you more than you think. Becoming your best self begins with pursuing your best health.

What do you enjoy?

Do you have a special talent? What about a favorite book? What are some of the positive things people say about you? Why are we asking all these questions? 

4. It’s time to find your purpose

It helps to break out of our comfort zone, but oftentimes our best self can be found in the things we love the most. If you’re struggling to find your purpose in life, it may be hiding in plain sight. 

Take stock of everything and every action that makes you happy. 

Do you like helping others? Focus on that. Do you crave adventure and travel? There’s a purpose in there too. Love listening to music? Ask yourself why and how you can take advantage of the present highs in your life for more happiness in the future.

How do you speak?

Here’s a little exercise. Look through some of your most recent messages, and take account of all the times you used negative words in your speech or downplayed your own achievements.

The way you speak about yourself and others may have a significant impact on your own happiness.

5. Be Constructive

Take a moment out of your day to remind yourself that you are smart, beautiful, and purposeful. 

Trade your ‘I can’t do it’s’ for ‘I’ll give it a try.’ Reconsider the negative ways you respond to people and try to push them in a positive direction. 

A simple change in the way we use our words can make us and everyone else around us happy. 

Your Best Self begins today!

There’s no time like the present to become the best version of yourself. Take the leap, and let’s make positive changes together!

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