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Are you Ready to Let Go?

Are you Ready to Let Go?


The willingness to let go this fall is a beautiful reminder of the natural rhythms that happen within the change of season. Have you noticed that fall is a time of letting go? We see the trees literally letting go of their leaves, and when we do this from an emotional healing place, it gives us space to let in the new.

Before it gives us space to let in the new, it also gives us clarity; clarity of what we want. Clarity of what our new program can be. Clarity on more dreams, bigger dreams, and aspirations.

When we are bogged down with limiting beliefs, whether that’s insecurities, feelings of not being good enough, it would do us good to let go of the things that don’t serve us. Are you repeating a program from the time you were a child that has held you in darkness and not allowed you to shine your light?

What are you willing to and permitting to release and let go to create clarity; to empty your tank? Let’s look right now at all the things that you can let go of.

  1. Old Habits: October can be a great time to reflect on unhealthy or unproductive habits and consider letting go of them to make room for personal growth.
  2. Grudges and Resentments: Just as trees shed their leaves to start anew, individuals can release grudges and resentments that may be holding them back from moving forward in their relationships and personal well-being.
  3. Stress and Anxiety: Autumn can be a time to embrace tranquility and reduce stress. Letting go of excessive worry or anxiety can help create mental space for a sense of calm.
  4. Material Possessions: As you witness nature simplifying itself, you might consider decluttering your own life by letting go of material possessions you no longer need.
  5. Negative Self-Talk: Shedding self-doubt and negative self-talk can be a powerful way to promote mental and emotional growth.
  6. Expectations: Release unrealistic expectations you may have placed on yourself or others, allowing for more authentic and less stressful relationships and experiences.
  7. Regrets: Just as the falling leaves can symbolize the shedding of regrets, it’s a good time to reflect on past mistakes, learn from them, and let go of any lingering regrets that may be hindering personal growth.
  8. Past Attachments: Whether it’s relationships, memories, or experiences that no longer serve you, October can be a time to release attachments to the past and embrace the present moment.
  9. Fears: Face your fears and consider letting go of irrational or limiting fears that may be holding you back from pursuing your goals and dreams.
  10. Expectations of Perfection: Let go of the need to be perfect in every aspect of your life, and instead, embrace imperfection as a natural part of the human experience.

When we link the idea of letting go with hypnosis, we achieve an emotional detox. The healing power is really in just releasing and letting go so that the magic of transformation can happen.

Tips on how we let go when we notice the leaves falling from the trees.

  1. Become consciously aware of the thoughts in your mind that are creating disharmony, meaning emotional discomfort. You can do this by questioning your emotions and asking, “What is my emotion connected to?” “What thoughts or programs am I telling myself?” Once we can pinpoint the thought then we can simply do a tapping exercise to let that go.
  2. Do a brain dump. Write in your journal all the negative things you’re ready to let go of. Just do a brain dump on a journal very cathartically to let it out. You can burn that page, ceremoniously if you like, the key is to just let go of what no longer serves while sitting in presence.

The idea of letting go during October when the trees shed their leaves can be a metaphorical reflection on personal growth, change, and renewal.

By Julie Cass

The Positive Change Group


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