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Creating your business vision to help you scale

The entrepreneurial journey is one of major personal growth. Creating a vision for your life around your health and wellness and setting personal goals is extremely important when it comes to keeping your mind balanced and in check. Likewise, creating a vision for your business is equally as important for scaling and growing your business. 

While performance, budgeting, and money are all very important aspects of scaling and something that every business should do, it’s not the core of scaling. Creating a vision to scale your business involves getting a clear picture in your mind of where you see your business going. This picture involves the customers you’d like to serve, the different revenue streams that your business will create, the employees you’ll be hiring, the physical space where you would like to operate, and so on. 

A clear vision of how you will feel once you achieve this business growth is also very vital to the process, as you are connecting your mind with your emotions. The clearer you are able to get, the better. Whether it’s writing it down or adding pictures to help tie what you see in your mind to a clearer vision. This will help you stay on track, get clarity, and keep your eye on the prize. 

Tips to remember as your scale your biz

Once your vision is clear, it is time to get ready for growth and scaling your business. Below are 4 important things to remember as you scale your biz:

  1. Flexibility – When we create a vision for scaling our business, our main focus tends to be the ‘what.’ Sometimes, when we are too focused on the ‘how’ we become too rigid in our approach. Being able to pivot and be flexible is super important on this journey. Flexibility allows us to be able to thrive, even in the face of adversity. This was proven by businesses that were able to stay flexible during the pandemic. 
  2. Learn to pivot – Flexibility and pivoting go hand in hand, and are essential for entrepreneurs. Sometimes we need to pivot and change our model to better suit the current conditions of the business environment. Learning to pivot in unexpected situations is key to sustaining growth. 
  3. Don’t give up at “no” – On this journey, you are going to get nos; it’s inevitable. But the good thing is that you’re also going to get yesses, but you have to keep going past the nos. When you understand and believe in your mission and core values of your business, a ‘no’ should not stop you. You have to remember that a ‘no’ from someone does not mean a ‘no’ from everyone. There are always people who will need and want your services.
  4. Remember your “why” – When you create a vision to scale your business, the deeper meaning behind it should lead back to why you want to do it. Keeping anchored to your “why” is going to help you to stay on course and focused and help you to scale your business. For most entrepreneurs, it’s more than just dollars and cents. It’s about creating impact. This is what will keep you going. 

So, while spreadsheets and budgets are important, one of the most important things about scaling your business is having a clear vision. Those key points listed above will help you to scale, stay on track, and grow the business of your dreams. 

For more help on scaling your business, book a discovery call! I’ll be happy to work with you on specific takeaways that you could implement right away. 

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