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The Power of Women Supporting Women

The Power of Women Supporting Women


Magical Things

One of the most magical things I get to witness when hosting our Hypnosis Healers Retreats is the power that happens when a group of like-minded women get in the same room.  There is a collective belief that begins to form where you truly believe anything is possible. You can feel the energy rise, people’s eyes get brighter with seeing and believing that they can turn the volume up on their dreams and start to believe that they are possible.

Having a whole room filled with women holding that belief for you is like nothing I have ever witnessed before. Think of it like that special friend in your life where you feel safe to be vulnerable, where you feel safe to share your wildest dreams, where you know you will be encouraged rather than discouraged. Where you will be told “of course you can” vs. “no you can’t”. Now imagine that feeling amplified because it is not just one special friend but many holding the space for you to dream, to grow, to reach new heights.

I get goose bumps as I write this, because the power of women supporting women is magical. It lifts us to new heights that we couldn’t think was possible on our own. It stretches our imaginations as to what is possible. It turns our limitations into limitless potential. It is like having a bunch of cheerleaders routing for your success. As a facilitator, I am always reminded of why we do what we do. It to witness the healing and aha moments where women get to feel their true worthiness.

On our last retreat one of the highlights for me was during our closing circle. One of the attendees shared that for the first time in her life, she truly felt worthy. Then she went on to say that when she looked in the mirror, she swore the face looking back at her looked younger. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life, that is the magic that women supporting women can create.

How Often are You Supported?

For many of us unfortunately we do not experience this support often enough. Whether we have grown up in a competitive world where we believe that someone else’s success impedes our own, or we have not had the privilege of surrounding ourselves with emotionally healthy women that can hold that space for us.  I often hear from women and have experienced it in my own life that women can be nasty to each other. We can criticize and look for faults with too much ease. Unfortunately, this causes us to be guarded; to protect our hearts and the most devastating thing is it can dim our light and make us feel small.

This feeling of being small can translate into not feeling worthy which can manifest in many negative ways.  Such as, not feeling worthy to get the promotion, not feeling worthy to attract our soulmate not feeling worthy to our rightful abundance, and ultimately can be not feeling worthy to feel our joy and so on.

Now imagine a powerful 3 days, where those emotional shackles that have held you back in your life can be healed. Imagine the feeling of being liberated from some of the trauma that has made you believe for any period that you are not worthy. This is the power that we have as women and the best part is when we believe in someone else our own light shines brighter. It is a healing experience to support one another and to be supported.

I know we are all meant to experience the feeling of being seen and heard, of knowing that you are never alone. This feeling of unlocking the power that is within and using that power now.

This life is yours and you are meant to shine your light. The power of women supporting women creates a collective energy that is so bright and powerful people will ask what you have been doing.

If you are ready to shine your light, please join us on our next retreat.

Spots fill up quickly so act fast.  You deserve to live as your authentic self! 💚

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by Julie Cass

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